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CH-53OFT Blade Element Modeling

Welcome to Aerohead Designs Home. Designer of high quality aerodynamic software for the miltary and commercial applications. Includes fixed and rotary wing applications and much more.

SH-60B TU Blade Element Modeling

Aerohead Designs is a leader in the simulation industry, specializing in high fidelity modeling and simulation. Our simulation modeling can be found on many 1st line training devices for the US Navy, Marines, Army and Air Force.

All of our software designs are written with quality in mine allowing easy maintenance and life cycle support. Our latest efforts include aerodyanmic modification to SH-60B TOFT at the North Island NAS. There is something for everyone!

Our customers have always been satisfied with our products and have always been pleased with our efforts.

Thank you for visiting with us and enjoy your stay.

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